Building a nonprofit in public?

Hi Indie Hackers,

Is anyone currently building a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit in public or knows of one that's doing this?

I'm debating whether to do that with my nonprofit.

Please namedrop a nonprofit that's building in public or if you're thinking about doing this yourself. Would love your feedback, questions and suggestions!

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    Don't know of any but why not :) It is a way to build personal brand and subtle marketing to the nonprofit. And I'm sure there is a lot about mission/vision/thinking that you can share too.

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      Good point, Kevon! Mainly, I'm just annoyed at the lack of transparency in the nonprofit building process. Will definitely start sharing more behind-the-scenes.

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        Yeah totally! Overall I think "employees" in most organizations don't have much incentive to share much publicly. They're just doing their job.

        But for new nonprofits (or any companies) with a determined founder like you, it is a chance to use transparency to communicate :)

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