Remote Workers June 19, 2020

Building a review site for remote workers. Interested in feedback.

Peter Lai @plai113

Hi all,

I started my first product back in late April to build a company review site for remote workers after talking to a couple of friends in the recruiting industry and hearing their issues with placements and complaints from new hires.

I'm interested in hearing your feedback on the value of accessing reviews of company culture as a remote worker in addition to accessing a job board. While many companies are making headlines announcing their WFM policies for 2020, I can't imagine others are as readily prepared to manage entire teams of employees remotely. Plus, factor in the recent massive layoffs, people may have to consider working in their first remote environment.

I am not soliciting anything from you for visiting the website, other than your feedback.


Thanks, I appreciate your time!

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    Hey Peter!

    Love the design of the landing page! Great job on that for sure :)

    About the details of the information on the companies, I'd probably make some changes to make the information more readable. You could select keywords or categories that can come up frequently and try to get some more grouped information based on that. Kind of like when on Google Maps you can select the type of restaurant it is (e.g.: good for kids).

    Overall, nice work, keep up :)

    David from The Other WorkSpace - Coworking in Budapest

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      Thanks for the feedback!