Building a SaaS product in a day – Screenshow

Hi folks – we're doing an experiment today to try to build an MVP of a SaaS product in a single day. I am learning a heck of a lot.

I decided to use Notion, Super, and did some quick design in Figma to make a super simple landing page to get my value proposition across.

Very keen to get the expert opinions of this community to see how you feel about this page – whether it makes you want to sign up or not.


I know it's very basic (and Notion-y) right now, but I would love to hear what people think about the copy in particular. Is the service even clear? Does it make you feel motivated to learn more?

Thanks so much in advance.

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    Hey James, the thing I want to see higher up on your page is an example of the use case. Where and why would I want to use this? I get what the product does, but I don't immediately get why I need it.

    LOVE the sign up today and get UX review option.

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      @bethkcarter Thanks so much! OK great – really actionable feedback, I'll get an update rolled out!

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    Hey James...I love what you're doing but I have a question: does it really take 5 hours of a junior dev time to take screenshots and upload/replace them on an s3 bucket?

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      Haha very eagle eyed and observant – thanks for stopping by, brother!

      Based on our experience – legitimately it CAN take a good 5 hours, when you factor in switching costs, the end to end process, and how many screens / unique URLs you may need to capture, back and forth with other individuals on the team etc.

      So perhaps 5 hours is top end for many smaller teams, but can easily see how this starts to consume more and more time depending on size of company.

      Maybe I can find a clearer / easier to understand way to articulate the pain / cost of the "before"...

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        Honestly what you just said sounds like a lot of work, so maybe instead of mentioning the hour value(which as a developer I find it hard to swallow) just a list of all these steps would show the sheer amount of effort that a tool could automate!
        Basically playing on the " do you really wanna do all these steps?" Rather than the
        " It takes hours " - sometimes as a dev, even a 15m fix is a lot of pain just because you gotta click around a hundred little things

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          Just made a super quick update to the page based on this – maybe still needs work but just removed the $250 / day for now and added the process in.

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          YESSS such a good point – thanks so much for this feedback, I totally hear you.

          Me saying "this will take you 5 hours" feels patronising and almost like a challenge to many developers: "that wouldn't take ME 5 hours! Hold my beer..."

          Thanks – soooo valuable!

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            💪If I may add one extra little change...haha

            I would do:

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              SOOO MUCH better! Changed!

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