Building a Shopify clone🤪 (it's for a one-time small fee, no recurring fees/commissions🤩).

We're building m-commerce for entrepreneurs/creators to sell products easily online without paying recurring fees/commissions. Imagine you can own a source code, data, and analytics of your online business by just paying only a one-time small fee (free lifetime updates).

👉 https://uvodo.com/

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    Shopify's power is not with the features that they have, but with the huge marketplace that they have where you can find any solution that you need and Integrare with any product that you use.

    Good luck 🤞

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    I understand that this is a complicated space to break into, but spamming telegram communities to get upvotes is bad guys.

    reported tthis post.

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        All the posts have been removed, it was done by @tkarimli (he had a same nickname on telegram)

        Who works at the same company as you do

        So please, cut your amateurish "we didn't do it" excuses and just stop spamming.

        post was shared in a telegram group for indiehackers with request to upvote, just a minute after joining.

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          Apologize, I was not aware of it...but, is there any sort of rule to not share the link somewhere else?

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    Orkhan, thats huge amount of work! Well done! However, as owner of an online business and shopify customer I see it critical, especially because of:

    • Development time is expensive (I am a dev myself with over 10y experience)
    • Hosting is an issue (cdn, database, backups, security)

    I think 30$ a month is nothing compared to the amount of money you have to spend to manage it yourself. And I mean you also have to spend time and money to run your business, marketing etc. For example I am spending about 2000$ per month on ads & marketing and there I am spending my time on also. The shop does cost me only about 1/100 of all my spendings. And believe me, I don't want to care about my shop software at all. I am glad that shopify is taking all the boring stuff away from me.

    I believe you are an awesome developer, but I think you should also go with the subscription model and offer you Shop as a Service solutions, because thats what business owners want.

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    The link isn't clickable

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