Building an audience is not easy! Today I Revamped my Twitter profile. Do you think it is convincing enough now?

I joined Twitter in July 2021, I have been putting in 1 hour every day, engaging on Twitter, which is getting me a decent engagement rate but I still have only 57 followers. That made me think something is obviously wrong with my profile.

After desperate attempts and fails, I studied some of the best creators on Twitter and decided to start at the core - Twitter profile
and work outwards from there.

Here's what I did -

  • Trimmed down the fluff in the bio.
  • Included design elements & colors.
  • Tried not to over-promise & create false expectations with my bio.
  • Tried to align bio, banner & newsletter intro texts
  • Changed my Pinned Tweet

Here's a tweet with before and after pictures :

Some questions you might help with -

  • What can I still improve to be successful on Twitter?
  • What's the best audience-building tip you have for me?
  • Do you feel hopeful that following me will benefit YOU in any way when you open my profile?

Thanks for reading this thread. Looking forward to connect with you on Twitter :


Impressed by the Twitter profile?
  1. oh totally! Good job Rahul!
  2. Come on, dude! You can do better!
  1. 3

    Overall a step in the right direction. Brand is good without being overbearing like when your original profile had your domain in the name.

    • Maybe get rid of email? (DM is more practical)
    • Who is your audience? (Make that crystal clear)
    • What are fire tips?
    • Become more efficient at what?
    • Is there a need for two links + Twitter newsletter CTA?

    The next step will be to focus on growing following count (not at all costs) and engagement. Start with adding value to other conversations.

    1. 1

      Hi @Visiwig,

      Thanks for your valuable comment.

      I think I can try to optimize for these -

      • who’s the target audience
      • Become more efficient at what

      I think as i work more and more on my projects, and understand more and more as to how my offerings help my subscribers, i will make my bio less and less vague.

      I am in the self discovery phase.

      But i was curious there’s only so much one can include in bio, how to squeeze in the target audience parameter too?

      Have you seen any examples around that you can point me too?

      Also, i agree next task is writing more threads and scheduling tweets and engaging genuinely.

      I wrote a thread yesterday it got me some 10-12 new followers in 12 hours

      It’s a good number for me at this stage i guess.

      As long as i am moving ahead, i am happy. :)

      Again, thanks for taking out time to give your feedback! Much appreciated!


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