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I'm building an NFT Dream Team to create viral nft pieces. NFTs are blockchain-based art pieces. They're selling for crazy amounts. Just need to come up with a simple & unique idea with a viral component to it. [I have some]

I'm a software developer with a passion for design. I'm looking for illustrators to co-design the pieces with me, crypto experts, and growth hackers to develop a strategy to make ours go to the moon.

Honestly, the goal is to capitalize on this emerging trend (make a sweet amount of sh-money), experiment, and have some fun. Why not just do it alone? With a team: low risk, speed, complementarity in skills, network effect.

If you're up for the challenge — let me know how you can help :)

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    Hey Tojo - proud NFT owner here ;) I'm responsible for over 10m+ in online e-commerce sales, and prior to that, had founded a content studio - I have tons of illustrators I can introduce you to, even if we don't end up working together. I have experience crafting viral marketing ads and finding products with high virality potential. I have also built my own list of NFT items that I think would perform extremely well - I just don't know a dev. Message me if interested :)

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    Hi Tojo, I worked with the teams responsible for Karma (crypto) and Dibbs (fractional ownership). I have +8 years of experience in go-to market strategy, product development, copywriting, branding, media production and other areas. I'm interested in hearing about your idea in more detail.

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    Hey Tojo, I'm a creative and looking forward to start creating new NFT pieces based on generative art, sounds reactive etc.
    Get back to me if you interested!

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    Hey Tojo, do you have twitter? DM me @miayto - I have started an NFT project and would be keen to chat and see if we could team up

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    Hi Tojo, please have a look on my posts and get back to me, if interested @ramarlina

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