Building An Open-source Alternative to Carrd

Hey fam 👋🏻,

I've just started to build an open-source alternative to Carrd.co. Carrd is amazing (I love it!), but because of its niche and "vanilla tech" trait, it doesn't support extensibility.

The product will be completely free. I don't yet have a plan commercialize it (although it can potentially be). I build it as a means to connect and build trust in the developer community and as a ground for my coming courses.

Would really appreciate sharing what features you wish Carrd had the most, or what you'd love to see in an open-source Carrd? :)

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    Looking fwd to this! Just followed you on Twitter.

    Features about Carrd that your product gotta have: intuitive ease of use even for beginner, sleek well-designed templates

    Features that Carrd doesn't have: business UI features like pricing tables, charts, blogs etc.

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      Oh yes that would be good to have.

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      Thanks, man!! This is exactly what I thought!

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      Thanks! Will keep you posted ;)

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    This sounds awesome!

    In an open source carrd, I think it would be cool to have Botha version for developers (give them the source code in a GitHub repo) and for anyone else (make it a easy to use online builder).

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      Btw, I just checked out your work, do like your design and front-end work a lot! Do you have a Twitter so that we can keep in touch? Would love to have you work together on the project if it's possible :)

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        Hey again,

        No I do not have a Twitter. I have some templates on buildfaster.co that I could possibly sell to you for your project.

        I also made an open-source Tailwind portfolio. What type of technologies are you planning to incude in these landing pages? React? Tailwind? Plain HTML/CSS?

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          Because it's open-source and completely, I can't afford to buy right now man (although I wanted to :))

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            Whoops! Sorry I forgot about that 😅

            Best of wishes!

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          Although I plan to build it as platform-agnostic as possible, the crappy MVP will be pretty much just React.

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            Okay makes sense. 👍

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      Hey @BraydenTW, thanks for your idea, will consider it seriously! However, I do differentiate the product from Carrd by offering React Components API and free open-source hosting (Github + Vercel), which is very specifically for developers. To target general online builders, it gotta have some other differentiators (which I guess there're some ways, but didn't think about it much)

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        Very true. Best of luck on this super cool OSS project!

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    Okay. This is interesting. Is there anyway we can follow the development?

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      Hey, thanks for being interested! I'm building in public by posting updates here and on my Twitter. So follow me here and on Twitter is probably the easiest way, see you there 😉

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    This sounds great! Keep us updated! 😎

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    Awesome idea, you might want to start GitHub Sponsors to support your project

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      Thanks for the idea, man! I definitely thought about it, but I guess it's a little too soon now 😆

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    Interesting idea! Waiting for your product 🦸

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      Thanks! Building a crappy MVP now, will release it on Github as soon as it has something for you guys to test out (hopefully in 1-2 weeks). Will let you know then!

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    Hi this one sounds great idea. Have you started working on it ? Will appreciate if you can share the link.

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      Hey, I've just drafted its concept, building a crappy MVP now, will release it on Github as soon as it has something for you guys to test out (hopefully in 1-2 weeks). I'll document my journey 2-3 days a time here though, so will keep you posted ;)

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        Sure man, Followed you hope I will get the notifications.

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    Dynamite! Would be great to have the option for multiple pages. Good luck!

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      Thanks! Will keep you posted ;)

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    That's amazing.. Best of luck with your new project open-source carrd

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