Building Habit #Newsletter

Hi all,

Started a newsletter. Its called "No Code Talks"

Its weekly newsletter where I will talk about anything related to nocode tools, news, article, tweets, what I learn this week, NoCode Founder/creator interviews.

Check out my Newsletter- https://nocodetalks.substack.com

If you have any suggestion let me know be it related to content, distribution any thing.

ps- If any nocode developer/founder reading this, I am more than happy to talk to you. Please comment

  1. 1

    Nice work! Its always amazing to see no-code projects like this come to life @ankur_unitalks! I would love to tap into your insights speak interview you for a no-code project I am building myself. Can you commit 30min of your time over the next couple of days?

  2. 1

    Big fan of #nocode. Keep it up!

    I am running 3 nocode projects right now, always happy to exchange opinions!

    1. 1

      love to talk it. please mail me at [email protected]

  3. 1

    That's a great idea. I am working on my No-Code project right now so it will be great when I am done to have some people I can share it with.

  4. 1

    You started something at correct time when nocode movement is at its best. Doing interviews with nocode founders will help you get more subs.

    1. 1

      I checked your Twitter, you are also the founder of "Siteoly" which converts google sheets to a website without code. I would love to talk to you more in detail over the video/call if it is okay with you.

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