📈 Building in Public - February

February has been a great month, I've connected with a lot of other people building in public.

I've also given feedback on many peoples own projects, it's been so fun seeing what others are creating!

🐦 Twitter

Here are January's stats to compare:

  • Followers: 875 ➡️ 895 (+20)
  • Profile Views: 1,590 (+369.0%)
  • Tweet Impressions: 8,593 (+775.1%)
    This was from 52 Tweets (which were mostly threads).

February's stats:

  • Followers: 895 ➡️ 901 (+6)
  • Profile Views: 915 (-41.1%)
  • Tweet Impressions: 9,082 (+6.1%)
    This was from 48 Tweets (which were mostly threads).

The stats overall are much lower but it's exactly what I expected. I had not used Twitter very much for the past few years so January was the first month I really kicked things off again.

📨 Newsletter

In January the newsletter had 20 new subscribers. Small numbers to most, but a huge 90% increase from December.

In February the newsletter had 33 new subscribers 📈 On average I was seeing a new subscriber a day! This is the stat I'm most proud of 🥳

If you'd like to follow along you can subscribe here: dailydevlinks newsletter

🧑‍💻 Site

Pageviews on the site have declined 7,673 (Feb 2021) vs 9,281 (Jan 2020) which is a -20.10% change.

I haven't been pushing the site much at all and have been focusing on the newsletter. It's a fine balance making sure you can get all-round growth which I'm currently learning to try and improve.

🙏 Community

The dailydevlinks community was also birthed in January. Which now has 30+ members up 10 from last month 🚀

Super happy with this! Lots more people are getting involved with everyday conversions 😄

If you'd like to join the community you can here: dailydevlinks community

Thanks to everyone that made this month the biggest one yet ❤️

  1. 2

    This is awesome, Adam. It looks like you may have found a good product-market fit with the newsletter. Thank you for sharing your journey!

    1. 1

      Thanks, Vic ✌️

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