Building in Public Free Definite Guide (Finally Done)

Jezz. Took me 2 months and 10,000 words. The free Building in Public Definite Guide is now ... officially out.

Some of you remembered that 2 weeks ago I launched part 1, now part 2 including chapters 6-9 are done.

A quick back story:

I came to learn about this term 3 months ago, got obsessed, and kept digging. I saw so many people wanting to get started but they weren't sure how or didn't have good examples to follow.

So I started taking notes and eventually turned them into this guide.

In the process, I found that creators with a more technical background missed out on a huge opportunity to use Building in Public to market what they're building. So I want to see if I can open up a new perspective to some.

A lot of people suggested me to make this a paid product, but at this point, I just wanted to influence as many people as possible. Because I see Building in Public playing a key role in our next decade!

Click here for the full free guide.

That being said, if you enjoy this guide, please help to reshare it (or retweet) to whoever in need. I am also trying to post this on Hacker News for the first time in my life, not sure how it works (likely won't get anything haha), but want to give it a try!

Enjoy :)

  1. 2

    @kevon I read the first part and I must say you've put a lot of effort into this and it shows! Thanks for doing this friend. Found it really helpful when I was contemplating to build in public or not.

    1. 1

      Thank you - it was a long project but all worth it when I get message like this!

  2. 2

    Congrats on Part 2, Kevon! Haven't read it yet but this guide looks extremely insightful!

    1. 1

      Thank you! Will take some time so best to set aside time over a weekend or something :)

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