Building in Public Free Guide (Part 1 out)

Hey everyone, some of you know that I've been looking into Building in Public for the past couple of months and was spending the last few weeks working on this guide.

Thanks to a lot of inspirations in this group and the amazing people who helped in giving feedback and editing, I'm excited to share with the IH community that part 1 is out.

My goal in writing this guide is to help the many creators out there to win by being transparent, be it winning fans, customers, or even internal confidence. And that's also why I want to make it free so more people can adopt this awesome mindset.

Chapter 1 - Why am I writing this guide?
Chapter 2 - What is Building in Public?
Chapter 3 - What are the benefits of Building in Public?
Chapter 4 - How do you Build in Public?
Chapter 5 - What channels and formats can you Build in Public on?

Chapter 6 - How to write awesome Build in Public posts? (Coming soon)
Chapter 7 - Do you just post? What else? (Coming soon)
Chapter 8 - Things to watch out for while Building in Public (Coming soon)
Chapter 9 - Great examples of Building in Public (Coming soon)
Chapter 10 - Helpful resources (Coming soon)

Still working on part 2, so if you have any comments, good or bad, shout them at me :) I'd love to take them to improve part 2 (and revise part 1).


Here is the tweet if you want to join the crowd.

Cheers! Chat soon.

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    Want to say thank you to @launchcommission @ugnich @shaqqs @albertocv @emredemirel @tropianhs @8am @rosiesherry @Primer @Pharlap because your previous posts in this BIP group help me understand and internalize some concepts!

  2. 2

    Thanks for making this. Nice work.

    1. 1

      Hi Karline, you're very welcome :) Let me know if you ever want to chat about it. Would be nice to exchange ideas.

  3. 2

    Thanks for sharing this, was valuable for me since I’m trying to learn the same things right now. Seems like you’re a few months ahead on this journey.

    I signed up to learn about your own strategy, so hope you share that as well. I’m curious about how you got to your own strategy. Trial and error? Studying others? Just asking?

    1. 1

      I'm glad it is helpful :)

      The strategy isn't something rocket science, but something I consistently do for 8 weeks to get a jumpstart. It is mostly my own tactic as I've been doing audience engagement for some time on LinkedIn. So I see if it is working and then adjust it along the way. I will send it your way soon!

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    Just a heads up mate, tapped on the link for chapter 1 and got a pop-up saying

    Safari needs to download the font “Mukta”.

    That guide was a good read - particularly enjoyed the "what channels" in chapter 5 and the 1 - 2 - 3 advice. I've got to admit, I've found it can be overwhelming to decide where to start. Starting from 0 followers feels like an unsurmountable task.

    Currently undecided with Twitter or LinkedIn. Seems like the IH community heavily favours Twitter.

    1. 2

      Thanks for bringing it up Guacaswole!. I use the Google font Mukta, didn't know it requires a download. Let me look into it!

      I have quite a lot of experience with LinkedIn and then now more active on Twitter. Maybe I can describe the difference:

      Twitter: more conversational, everyone can jump in, it has a bit more character & fun, not so serious. You can tweet often and some will have no engagement and some have, and that's okay. From what I see, users see social media as more a blend of social & work.

      LinkedIn: you have to curate your audience by requesting a connection. Users are more professionals, especially people around corporate or sell to corporate. It used to be very professional but in recent years it is getting a bit more personal. You don't want to share too often, maybe once a day max.

      For me, if you're on IH, then Twitter is more likely your taste. But as I mentioned on the guide, it is really who your target audience is, then go there. So hard to say.

      1. 1

        Thanks mate - appreciate the in depth reply

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