Building in Public January 5, 2021

Building in public: practical questions


Hi indiehackers,

I'm thinking to start documenting my journey in public, and I started from this nice article: but still have kinda practical questions.

I didn't check all the links mentioned in the article so maybe my questions look silly. But, anyway. My questions are:

  1. If I choose Twitter should I start from a personal account or create a product's account? The problem is I don't have any "product account", I even didn't think about the name.

  2. When you tweet on development your product, is it a good idea to share pieces of code, user interface, bugs, or something like that? To be honest, I tried several Twitter account from builders "in public" but didn't really follow anyone because their tweets didn't look interesting / appealing.

  3. What to do with with fear of fail? I'm not talking about fail in general, but if you have a personal account and try to build something in public, there is always a risk of fail - for example, one day you realize your product makes you sick, or something like that. And if you already have a bunch of followers... it will look... strange. [Disclosure: I already failed zillion products so I know it's always possible :(((]

Thanks a lot for your attention and advice. Cheers!

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