BuildInPublic Twitter Inspiration Handbook - Ideas for tweets that I collected by analyzing 200 BuildInPublic accounts

I analyzed about 200 #BuildInPublic twitter accounts, collected the best practices of #BuildingInPublic and grouped them into categories. Hope you find it useful.

1) Tell how you cope with struggles

Glossy stories repel. And do you remember at least one popular film without overcoming problems and difficulties? Great tool for building trust, and relationships.
cope with struggles

2) Tell what has changed through experience

Creating something creates a new experience that changes us and the way we work, it's a great thing to share.

3) Engage your readers in the process

Interactivity is a great opportunity to captivate readers.
readers in the process

4) Ask

Here we are not talking about questions to engage the audience, but to find expertise for your project - involve in the product, not in the tweet.

5) Shine a light on what's behind the scene

Most of the work on the product is not visible to customers, but this does not mean that it should not be shown.
behind the scene

6) Story of today

Life is not always a routine, unusual events or experiments are a great opportunity to share them
Story of today

7) Tell how you feel

Tell about your feelings about creating something.Creation is always a gamut of emotions.
how you feel

8) Breakdown metrics/milestone

Dry numbers are not catchy, but how you achieved this is a completely different story.

9) Uncover the value of a new feature

Do not tell what you did, tell what it will give to the user
feature value

10) Harsh truth

Moving forward, we often see and feel the hidden side.
#BuildinPublic is a great opportunity to show it.
Honesty wins.
Harsh truth

11) Show your toolbox

Thor has a hammer, Captain America has a shield, but what do you have?

12) Go against the trend

People get tired of trends, an anti-trend opinion based on your experience will allow you to develop credibility
against the trend

13) We all are people

We all have ups and downs. This is completely normal and part of the creation of any product
all are people

14) Insight based on personal experience

Give readers an opportunity to learn from your experience

15) And of course just start

just start

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