Built my first MVP never thought this will happen so fast

I've started a service on providing a software for community building forem. This is my website for providing the services foremdev.com. I need feedback on how I can improve this. It is raw right now but I have learnt my lesson to never go after perfection and start first and iterate upon it. Iterations are the key you are never good at anything when you start but you keep getting good at it and and when you keep going.

I now need to know how I'll market this. I'm very bad at marketing. So, I'll need all the help I can get. I am thinking of releasing it on product hunt and posting about it on communities. If you know any communities that help in building communities please let me knew in the comments down below.

My first service I never thought if I start I'll get this far but here I'm am so to anyone who is going t start something I'll say start today. You will reach far after you start. Don't go after perfection.

Let me know if you want to know know more about this software. I've already posted a GitHub repo. On how you can do this easily Link.

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