No-Code February 1, 2020

Built my first MVP using no code tools, took less than two hours!

Alex West @alexwest

Hello fellow indie hackers!

Over the past two years, I have built more than 15 products and all of them were coded with 'Ruby on Rails', for the reason that Rails gives you wings compared to other web frameworks.

But if Rails gives you wings, 'No Code' gives you a backpack with a rocket engine strapped on it. (when it comes to building MVPs, not full blown products)

I used Carrd, Mailchimp, Gumroad and Typeform. Carrd for the landing page, MailChimp for the sign up, Gumroad for payments, Typeform in order to collect information about the user, Figma to create the mockup. All in all, about two hours of work. You can find it here:

I just wanted to share my first, very positive experience, with the above no code tools and believe that it can help us all with validating product ideas.

As indie hackers, we should fall in love with the game, not with the tech behind our products.

As for the product, it can be used both to validate dev product ideas or to grow your dev product with direct sales. It's basically a quality lead generation service for dev products. It's not for blasting 1000 cold emails, it's for sending 50 personalized emails to people that are interested.

The true magic behind the scenes, the Ruby script that uses APIs from GitHub, StackShare, Twitter and LinkedIn in order to find developers that are most likely interested in your product was written months ago by me to scratch my own itch.

You can read about the story behind it here:

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    As indie hackers, we should fall in love with the game, not with the tech behind our products.

    So true and a great quote!

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    Awesome @alexwest

    I'm interested in knowing how's your experience with Gumroad so far? I'm considering to use it for my side project. Cheers :)

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    Well done.
    But a landing page is not a MVP :)

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    You rock! Try Bubble. You will fall in love with it :)

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    nice work @alexwest, really liked the cold emails you posted in your Twitter feed, good stuff :-)

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      Thank you, they were not my idea though, I just listened to and followed the advice of more experienced people than me!

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    It’s great to hear a dev perspective on no-code. Thanks for sharing! Interested to see what a dev thinks of Bubble since it’s more robust than others. Have any experience with it?

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      I do not personally to be honest. This was my first ever experience with no code tools and it was great. I suppose there are many great ones that are worth trying!