May 3, 2019

Bump in traffic from publicly disclosing users/revenue?

Chris ✌️ @Chris24

Has anyone here experienced a bump in traffic after disclosing users and/or revenue publicly? Considering do it, although still small.

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    Imo it's not as simple as "disclose your info publicly and people will come." All the other rules of content marketing still apply, e.g. having a good distribution channel.

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      thanks, Courtland! I guess my question is also is there anything negative that comes from making that this type of info available?

      It seems like it does work best as part of a larger strategy when your target audience is independent makers/entrepreneurs.

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        There are definitely tradeoffs. You're giving your competitors information that might embolden them, you're giving customers information that might make them lose faith in your competence, you're giving potential investors and acquirers information that might make them lose interest, etc. Of course it might do all the opposite things, too. Or (most likely case scenario) none of these people will ever see it.

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    Make sure you have a business and audience that would benefit from it.

    If you're selling to dentists it might put them off. However if you're selling to the indie hacker community go for it.

    Also if you want to raise capital from angel and VC's might make it harder.

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      great points. actually hadn't thought about the fact that it might make raising capital more difficult

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