Burned out in medicine, launching a non-clinical jobs board, looking for growth advice

Sadly after the ongoing year+ beatdown I realized that many of my colleagues, like me, are looking to escape from bedside medicine. To scratch my own itch, we launched https://www.grepmed.com/jobs

We're keeping our niche narrow for now (cool side hustles, non-clinical careers, consulting, startup jobs, telemedicine, pharma, medico-legal) before potentially branching out into the more competitive general healthcare jobs space.

Our current growth strategies:

  • Leveraging our main website GrepMed, a medical reference website with several thousand visits/day. This is our "free calculator tool" we hope will drive traffic and authority to a potentially more monetizable jobs board (most recent jobs are cross-listed on our main site).
  • Social Media: Any job boards leveraging this successfully? We are cross-posting screenshots of new positions to IG and twitter to try and meet users where they're at (many in medicine daydream of tech jobs). We're using nursing & doctor shitposts + memes to help grow these accounts virally. Our main social accounts have decent followings (24k/17k) where we cross-post weekly roundups of the coolest jobs.
  • Email (planned): Collect emails to deliver jobs into inboxes.

What else are we missing?

  • Should we switch to a separate domain? (just bought grepmedjobs.com)
  • How best to tackle SEO?
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    Hi Gerald,

    Congrats on the launch, site looks clean! Had a few minutes so thought I'd drop a comment.

    I too launched a graduate job board here in the UK a few years ago and am still learning so hopefully the following might help.

    Unless you have the necessary candidates (10-15) organically applying to each job posting from a company. Consider a free option for them to post jobs. Of course, for a short time only. This will help drive traffic for more employers to post with you.

    You want to add a resources area/blog area to offer some industry tips and career advice for candidates who come on to your site. The more useful and relevant information the better.

    Social Media is good. I try and automate as much as possible and have a blogger who sends out regular posts for the company several times a week across Twitter, LinkedIn and sometimes facebook.

    SEO -- Try your best to SEO each job listing from your back end if it is WordPress you use? If so a free seo plugin like yoast can make things simple and can focus on keywords, phrases, headings etc.

    In summary, think of the long term goal. A job board is well known for a chicken and egg problem (one that I still have to deal with as I am growing and learning). Post relevant jobs on your site and also reach out to hard to find candidates possibly through LinkedIn etc.

    Hope this is of some use.

    Enjoy your weekend!

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      oh hey sorry I missed this- thank you so much what a detailed reply! A lot to digest here... how is your board going? Do you have a link you can share?

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        Yeah sure: www.ourgraduates.co.uk. Feedback welcome!


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    I have also thought about doing a job board, but I'm too busy with other projects. However, when I was looking into it I came across this SEO specifically for job boards.


    I found it really insightful and it might help with what you are doing.

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      hey thank you so much! very useful stuff in there!

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    Analytics for 1st month on twitter @grepmedjobs: 114k impressions, 76 followers Hopefully can get that to grow.

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