Business Builder in EU (Germany) Seeking Founders for Multiple Projects

Hello All!

As mentioned above I work at a business builder in the EU (Germany to be specific) and we are looking for talented hackers and motivated entrepreneurs for multiple projects. We offer a salary, a pre-validated idea, shares in the founded company, and support from our network.

Here are our current offers :

Partship (Co-) Founder: Computer Vision (m/f/d)
Partship revolutionizes the spare parts market identifying missing spare parts and ordering on a transparent marketplace.

Pre-Fabulous (Co-) Founder: Architecture / Construction (m/f/d)
Pre-Fabulous drives BIM in the construction industry and the component procurement.

AutoMEP (Co-) Founder: MEP Planning (m/f/d)
AutoMep automates the MEP planning using AI

Reco (Co-) Founder: Business Development (m/f/d)
This Startup will combine the growing power of 3D scanning with the antiquity and building markets.

If any of these opportunities sticks out to you, or you just want to connect don't hesitate to DM us here on Indie Hackers, or through email : info@2bahead-ventures.com Everyone on the team speaks English, so no worries about language! Could also try you German if you feel motivated. Most of the time we will have a native German speaker founding with an English co-founder.

Anyways. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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    Those are very interesting concepts, especially the ones related to buildings. I'm a civil engineer. I assume you guys operate mainly in the EU, if by any chance you are looking for people in Canada, I'll be interested to explore opportunities in the future.

    As for language, you won't be surprised to learn that I do not speak German, I am a native French speaker and I also speak English.

    1. 1

      Hey Michael, sorry about the lack of a response, I was on vacation for once last week. You can reach out to me joe@2bahead-ventures.com and happy to chat!

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