Ideas and Validation September 26, 2020

Business principles also apply when you open a new IH thread

Darko @zerotousers

90% of people who ask for feedback here (eg. landing page feedback) do 2 things that are total opposite.

Their landing page is full with features, benefits for the end user.

Their IndieHackers thread is full of "me me me yes I me me me me try thanks" words.

Imagine if your landing page was like your IndieHackers thread. Your conversion rate would be 0.000%.

So why are you then surprised if your IH thread gets 0 replies?

I've noticed the most successful threads here on IndieHackers are the ones where the person who opened it OFFERED SOMETHING (in return).

For example: "I'll roast your landing page if you roast mine". Threads offering reciprocity.

I've also noticed that some founders found a way to "customize" their product to IH needs and offered that.

For example: If I have a SaaS for generating logos automatically, instead of asking:

"Hey guys, I made xyzlogocreator, check it out and give me feedback in the following order a) b) c) d)", you ask:

"Post your product name here and I'll generate a cute logo of it"

Just because you're asking something in a different context (a forum post) doesn't mean you have to throw all universal value-giving principles out of the window.

Just my 2 cents.

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    "value-giving" principle makes IH a successful community.

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    Got to give to receive 🙂

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    Bring value. Thanks for the reminder

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    Totally makes sense.

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    Very nice tip, thanks :)

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