Buying a logo / branding pack? Fiverr?

Thinking about purchasing one, has anyone done this? What I'm looking for are all the different resolutions, grayscales, inverted and possibly a fresher design.

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    Logology.co can provide quite good results.

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    I've bought a couple of logos from fiverr. Paid around £50-80 each. Was really happy with them so I would recommend. Obviously don't go for the cheapest but check the reviews and examples of their work before choosing someone.

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      Thanks for the data point. Was it a whole logo pack with various sizes, resolutions, etc?

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        I got two version, big primary logo and a small logo (without the text for small areas it might be needed) and it came in different formats (png, jpeg) and there was social media package, so individual designs for Facebook/Twitter/YouTube

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    Most of the stuff you'll get from those sites are (in my biased opinion) are garbage. If you don't have many user or are still in the validation stage, this could be a good option for now. If you have a real thing going, investing in a solid brand can pay some real dividends.

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      Cheers, definitely thought as much. Was really hoping for good recommendations, as just paying someone randomly seems like throwing away money.

      You're suggesting an agency?

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        Might be able to give some better recommendations if I can understand your need. Your product, your competitors, stage of development etc.

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    Reach out to @Equinox4, he can help you for sure.

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      Thanks for the recommendation @stojkovic

      I'm probably late to the party @alex_b_h, but let me know if you still need help with this. Cheers

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        Better late than never 🙋‍♂️

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    Hey @alex_b_h be sure to check out Logobly.com.

    For just $49 you can get a full brand package for your startup in 60 seconds.

    Check out what you get in your Logobly brand package here:


    Let me know if you have any questions.


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