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Calendar event notification validation

Hello all,

I'm in the process of building a working prototype for an idea to solve a pain point of mines and will like to know if this will be of use to others as well. Your input, constructive feedback, and critics will be well appreciated.

Problem - I noticed that I sometimes forget I have meetings and appointments in my google calendar. Also, I either don't get notification reminders until the last minute, 30 minutes before or no notification at all.

Solution - Creating a web service that displays your google calendar weekly events in an organized fashion on a website and sends you a weekly notification of your calendar events.

I'll appreciate any feedback and way to improve on this idea.

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    I suppose your solution comes with 2 problems.

    1. If you get notified once a week, will you remember your meetings? If you need to check the website, why not just check Google calendar?
    2. How will the events be added to your site? Would that he berate additional work?
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