Calendly alternative, pay what you use

I am thinking of an app similar to Calendly, but you don't have to pay it monthly. Why?

  • it becomes too expensive for many users
  • maybe you don't use it for 2 weeks because you are in a holiday
  • you don't use it in weekends
  • you have only 2-3 meetings per day

Why not to pay only for booked meetings? Let's say you pay 10$ for 100 (just an example) meetings (credits) for unlimited period.
If you are a company you just pay for a number of meetings(credits) and you can add unlimited users. Every time a meeting is booked within your company, credits are used.

What do you think? I am targeting people that would like to use Calendly or an alternative, but it is very expensive to pay every month or they don't need to use the tool too often.

Thank you,

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    Apart from your pricing model idea that I find very practical (vacations!), I think there is space for Calendly competitors. I used Calendly something like 6 months ago, set up everything (availability, etc), didn't use for months, went back to it and struggled for 45mn to set up new availability. Everything looked fine, but no slots were available. What a hassle. I found Koalendar which was so much simpler to use. But yes they have the same pricing model with a monthly sub...

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      I am sure that it is a lot of space for this kind of product. I want something really simple, without monthly payments and without any locks. All features to be available for any user, even if the user is using free credits or paid credits.
      I didn’t know about Koalendar, I like their simplicity.
      Thank you!

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    I’m not sure a credit system would make a difference for me. I see the use case your making, but not sure it would be worth it for me personally.

    The calendar booking space is pretty crowded already though, so you can look at some inspiration at x.ai (currently using this), Calendso and Venncal.


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      For sure this is not for everyone. This is for people/companies mentioned in the post.
      Thanks for your response!

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    i use savvycal, replaced calendly.

    the idea of 100 for $10... is interesting.

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      I know about savvycal, some interesting features, but still you have to pay per user.

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      I didn't know about that. Thank you!

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        Here you can see the launch of the product:

        Pretty cool:)

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