Community Building August 14, 2020

Called my startup an organic farm on the Forward Thinking Founders podcast 🤦‍♂️

Chris @blunicorn

Mat Sherman was kind enough to invite me along to talk with him about HackerStash on his amazing podcast, Forward Thinking Founders.

It's truly awful hearing the sound of your own voice, but I think it went okay 😬, my co-founders listened and laughed at me for referring to our startup as an organic farm, so I'm feeling a little silly about that! 👨‍🌾

Anyway, it was really great to chat with Mat as he's equally passionate about exploring community building (currently he's working on Forward Thinking City). If you're interested to hear a short conversation about the HackerStash vision to build a community that can supercharge people's projects, and hopefully skip equity funding, please take a listen and let me know your thoughts! Especially on the idea, rather than my questionable skills as an interviewee 😅

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