Ideas and Validation October 26, 2020

Calling all designers - would you pay for a product like this?

Luka Mlakar @LukaMlakar

Hi gang.

I'm messing around with this idea for a tool in the UX/UI research space, I'm still very early in the process and I'm trying to gather as much feedback as possible. Would you mind looking at the landing page and let me know what you think?


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    When I was regularly designing mobile apps, I was on the brink of subscribing to Pttrns. They've been around for a few years so I think that kinda validates your idea. Not sure how big the market is and if there's space for another one - there's been a few similar websites, but I don't think with much success.

    The UX and designs is amazing though, love the MP4.

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      Yeah, this is where I got the idea from, actually. I was an heavy user of pttrns, uigarage, etc. and now, it's crucial for my day-to-day work to research UX and UI patterns that our users are familiar with in the certain industry. But every one of those products is missing something that prevents me to use it the way I'd like to:

      • they don't support multiple platforms
      • screenshots are outdated
      • no option to save patterns and then export
      • nr. of products included is too low
      • clunky ux most of the time
      • no recordings of flows

      My assumption is that if I have these pain points using current products, there must be people like me out there that would pay for a product that would solve those. How much would they pay? I don't really know. How big the market is? I'm not really sure, that's why I'm posting this and talking to potential users in communities.

      Thanks for the compliments on the design, this was made super quick without iterations, so I need to update few things here and there :D

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    This is a hit Luka.

    The main title is great. The other titles are great.

    I love people who do deep research and package up their findings into priced package. Friend of mine @xavier published a directory of 400+ communities, slacks and guest-post-accepting blogs and that sold.

    Good luck!

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      Btw great job @xavier, that's an interesting product. Recently I joined a couple of communities on Slack and Discord, and I was blown away by the amount of engagement there. You can get feedback and talk to potential users pretty easily.

      Good luck to both of you, too.

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    pttrns for (also) desktop.
    I won't but others do. If you manage to reach them.

    TBH none of the titles excited me.
    "Gain insights without downloading and signing up"
    "Don't reinvent the wheel. Learn from tried & tested products"
    "For designers, product managers, researchers & product teams"

    I'd rather to see 150+ products in the hero with some promises like 10 more weekly, 1k before 2021 IDK, it's a bit vague. Am I gonna download it and never get an update..

    While I'm staring at the gif, I thought it would be cool to copy paste those blocks as svg. 🤷‍♂️

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      Thanks for the feedback. It's the first draft of a landing page, so I know we have to iterate on the copy and concretize the offering.

      I'm not sure what you meant with .svg blocks though.

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        BTW I didn't listed positive stuff, site looking great, colors, font choice, amount of the copy. All seems right on point.

        Svg thing is possibly out of the scope of your project. Interface of your app reminded me figma/sketch so I thought it would be cool if it's possible to copy paste stuff such as login form from idk airbnb to quickly mockup/try things.

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    There's already doing pretty much exactly what you propose. Would be interested to see how your list of issues with other products works against them.

    Learn from a growing library of 1,665 user flow recordings, 14,368 screenshots, and emails from proven products

    Unlimited access from only $8.25 per month

    What they don't seem to have is a way to build collaboration around watching and commentating on those flows.

    How would you enable an entire design class going through a few flows and grouping their comments together?

    What if I could see flows ordered by star ratings, or quality of comments?

    I think there's some room to compete and I like your landing page but you'd need to come out with at least one differentiator.

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    I think its a great idea @LukaMlakar. Personally, being in the UI/UX space myself, I would surely pay for such a product. Not only does it save research time, but it also makes the whole process of ideation much easier.

    Great work on the website itself. An amazing design with perfect content targeted.
    You should check out my product, I believe you are the right person who might like the product!

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      Hey Harsh, thanks for the feedback.

      Btw I'm already signed up for the early access on :D I think I came across it somewhere here on IH. Great landing page, and I like the email flow you guys setup when you signup for early access, I might steal some ideas from you :D

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        Ohh that's really good to hear haha!
        Well, glad you liked the email flow :)
        Let's stay connected for sure!

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