Growth February 13, 2020

Calling all website owners (a.k.a Publishers)!

Yosi Dahan @yosidahan

Hi guys,

We've just launched our new network - PurpleAds (
We wanted to make it a part of ProveSource, but decided to make it a separate business.

Feel free to give us a try, add it to your website to create a new revenue stream for your website.

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    It would be useful to have the landing page lead to more information about your service.

    1. 1

      We're working on it as we speak :-)
      We didn't launch it yet, we're working with our existing customers at ProveSource in order to improve and add the missing parts.

  2. 1

    Sounds interesting. Is $3 CPM what the advertiser pays, or what the publisher gets? Is it impressions or clicks?

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      Hi Martin, $3 CPM is what the advertiser pay, but we're going to change that soon to be based on several factors. Publishers are paid based on impressions only, and the average payout is $1 CPM.