Calling Browser/Extesion Devs?


Looking to create a riff of a couple of Browser Extension Apps. One is restman. It allows the user to create a URL, (with postData, cookie, etc..) and to then generate the call from within the Browser space. Another is a Cookie app, that pulls in "Cookies" from other tabs within the Browser space. I need to put together these functional pieces of features into a single app.

I need to put together a personal extension that allows me to "crawl" select/specific target sites. The process will be partially manual, partially automated.

If you have the skills for this, let's talk.

I recognize time is value, so I'm willing to pay for this.

If you're looking for something more along the lines of a partner we can discuss what's on your mind as well. I'm more than willing to help you achieve your goals if possible.


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