Can Anyone Advice Me On Twitter Growth?

Does anyone have any experience in growing the twitter handle of their SaaS product? 🤔

I'm trying to focus on new platforms for Ruttl and thought that Twitter absolutely needs to be in my arsenal.

I know that many SaaS companies (and founders) are super active there and have seen people use it as powerful medium to share growth hacks.

Here are bunch of questions that you can try to answer if possible -

  1. What are you using twitter for? (Example: Product updates, announcements, offers or anything else)

  2. How's the content discovery there? Is good organic reach possible for new potential users to find you?

  3. Can you share any growth hacks/tactics that have helped you achieve growth on your product's twitter account?

  4. Any recommendations on specific influencers that I should follow?

  5. Is it worth investing efforts into creating new creatives for Twitter? Like many people do for Instagram, since it's a visual platform.

Would love to see the thoughts you guys have on this, so make sure to share your them down below! 👇

Harsh 💯

P.S - I'm not super versed with the platform, so it would be great if you could elaborate if you're using any jargons in the comments. Thanks! 🙌

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    My 2c -

    Grow your own audience on Twitter, for your personal account. That will come in handy even for your future projects, not just this one.

    And don't look at it as "building an audience" look at it as "having a presence" - that is a better mindset I think.

    Successful SaaS founders who have benefitted from having a Twitter audience - @yongfooks and @levelsio

    @arvidkahl didn't have an audience for his SaaS, but later he did build an audience and leveraged it massively for his 2 books.

    @druriley and @dvassallo also used Twitter for their info products.

    You can always create a separate Twitter account for your SaaS later on when you have a sizeable audience. But growing a company account is harder than growing a personal account.

    As I said, just my 2 cents, happy to be corrected, and eager to learn from experts🤗

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      I agree with you one this one @ayushchat. Indeed, personal brand is super powerful and goes long way. I have seen this time and again in few other community posts too!

      1. 1

        The work pays off in the long run

    2. 2

      Hmm I really like the idea of reframing it to 'having a presence' rather than 'building an audience'. So thanks for the heads-up.

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    You might find this tweet thread I made months ago useful - https://twitter.com/JanelSGM/status/1299326094416531461?s=20

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      Packed with advice @Janel! Thanks a lot for sharing this tweet. Will be implementing them. 💪

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    Was reading a really good interview yesterday in which the founder has a very successful twitter following which he grew very quickly. So much so, that he even made a course on growing your twitter audience. It can be found here: https://dvassallo.gumroad.com/#PBkrO

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      Went ahead and took your advice @Janinah. The course was fantastic! I'm planning to execute the ideas I learnt in it very soon. 🙌

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    This plan of action has the potential to increase your Twitter followers.

    (1) Identify (a) experts from the industry that you are interested in and
    (b) journalist who cover that industry. Especially those who interact with individuals who post on their timeline (TL) regularly. Then post on their timeline.

    You will have to locate potential users on Twitter. It is not the other way round. Search with keywords related to your product and you will come across several discussions. Join those discussions and provide some value.

    (2) Guest blogging and posting on forums, Quora, Stack Exchange, Reddit will also help you to gain Twitter followers. Just ensure that your posts are insightful. Provide your Twitter handle somewhere in your profile so that individuals can find you.

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      That's a good one @DSarkar. I will try out leveraging communities for this purpose as well. As for finding the industry experts, you mean I should engage with them on regular basis right?

      1. 1

        Yes! Provide some additional info based on the tweets that they have posted.

        Other people who also post on those timeline might start following you if they find your tweets insightful.

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          That's interesting! Will give this idea a go surely.

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    I'm in the same position as you. I've just started Tweeting regularly on my personal account about my startup journey.

    I learn more and more about Twitter.

    Few things:

    • Focus on DMs,
    • Tweet valuable stuff only,
    • Don't write replies if you don't have anything important to Tweet,
    • Try to engage with big accounts.

    Follow me so we can learn from each other:

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      Loved the colorful theme on your profile mate!

      As for the DM's, do you mean I should outreach to people or reply to the incoming Dm's?

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        I think outreach and reply. Just start some relationships with people you like!

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          Makes sense, thanks!

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    I've used https://owlead.com/ to help with twitter growth and I can say it really does work for getting you used. Even with a very basic announcement feed, I got 110 followers in a month. I think if I had a decent Twitter feed it would have been 3x that.

    1. 1

      Thanks for sharing this resource @that_guy_iain. I will surely check it out!

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    Having the same questions always wanted to ask.

    1. 1

      Now you've got the answers too haha!

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    Don't worry too much about the audience. I will rather more focus on building a closed community for your SaaS. And let me tell you frankly, there are many out there doing with facebook groups. Unless you are going to invest more time and producing valuable content. This is is good if you are publishing an ebook or a gumroad product. If you are into B2B SaaS, i think you should focus more on building a Customer acquisition strategies.

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      That makes sense too @sreekanth850. But personally, I have been seeing good results with community building on slack. Although it's not helping much with new user acquisition, it's become an incredible channel to communicate and address the issues faced by Ruttl fans. Of course it goes with the fact that I am heavily invested into producing content for them and new users through the blogs.

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        I agree, but making people engaged in slack is super difficult. We should use place where they hang on. That is where FB is much stronger.

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          Yes that's something to think about indeed. I'll consider this idea too mate, thanks!

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