Can I e-mail buyers and ask about their post-purchase experience?

Privacy laws and GDPR are difficult to interpret sometimes. I know we can't advertise anything to the buyers without a specific consent, but what about just asking if they had any issues with the product?

My product is an Online Escape Room (https://elevenpuzzles.com). Clients buy and play once, then they can't use the access code again.

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    You have collected and processed users' data based on your contract (ToS) with them, I guess. If that's the case, then providing the best customer experience is part of the execution of the contract, so in my opinion, you can send them an email asking if they had some issues with the product. You could add that to the ToS and the privacy policy, just in case.

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      Very good comment, I should add a note to ToS.
      In the end, we thought that we, as a customer, wouldn't be comfortable with creators contacting us like this. Therefore instead, we're asking for feedback right after they completed the game, on the congratulations screen. Works well so far and is completely optional.

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