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Can I interview you? Looking for SaaS experts and founders.

Hello Indie Women!

I write a weekly newsletter for GoSquared and each week we feature a SaaS founder or expert. You don't necessarily need to be directly working in SaaS, but to fit into this broad universe of people/projects - we've featured a specialist SaaS copywriter for example.

We are hugely over indexed on male guests and it's a priority for me to get more women involved.

The questions are below, and I am after short, tweetable answers. If you'd like to get involved please email me your responses at [email protected] :)

Please pass this onto any brilliant women you think would be interested!


What one thing should companies do today to see results in growth?

What are you currently learning?

What's your most underrated strategy or tactic?

What's your goal for the next year?

A one-liner about your company/what you do

URL you want us to link to

Your social handle

Your picture

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    Sounds good! I've sent you an email – let me know if it's what you're after.

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