April 8, 2019

Can someone help me with some Billing questions?

Giancarllo Rojas @GiancarlloRojas

#ask-ih Hey guys, I'm on the final month before finally launching my SaaS and got some billing questions

  • Does anyone know an alternative to Paddle? I like the fact that it enables me to sell globally out of the box, but it has some serious translations issues(typos, mixed language sentences, etc)
  • Is Chargebee like Paddle in the way that it allows me to sell globally and only deal with my country bureaucracy? Or it is only a "wrapper" for services like Stripe
  • How hard is to open a US company from outside? I wish Stripe supported Brazil without Atlas

Thank you guys, I've been lurking here for more than a year and it has inspired me to be where I'm now!

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    Chargebee is only a wrapper around Stripe or Paypal, and a few others. It works great though for subscriptions.

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