March 25, 2019

Can that be a thing?

Jakub Kliszczak @jacobk

What's your take on that idea?

Hey guys, got an idea-validation question. As I'm constantly forgetting to buy/re-fill my cosmetics supplies - shower gel, deodorant, toothpaste - I thought it might be handy to create a subscription-model based project focused on delivering such cosmetic goods for busy people such as founders, entrepreneurs, C-levels, executives, etc.

Thanks for your answers!


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    Well, you can subscribe to shower gel, deodorant, toothpaste on Amazon. But it's a little clunky. Like, you can't get one stick of deodorant per month, but you can get a six pack of deodorant every six months.

    Of course, Amazon is like going to Walgreens. You can't get decent cologne or aftershave on subscription. Perhaps if the subscription was a slightly (very slightly) more upscale, that could be a selling point.

    I used to subscribe to Birchbox; it was fun and quirky, but totally random stuff. If I got a similar package of my monthly hygiene and cosmetic stuffs, I could enjoy that. But it would have to be more than a sack of Colgate to intrigue me.

    Am I being bougie? It sounds like I'm being bougie...

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      Thanks for the response!

      Bougie or not, I subscribe to that approach. The Colgate pack would be more like a student version :p.

      I've seen companies like BirchBox, Dollar Shave Club, or Harry's but while two latter are focused on shaving supplies and BirchBox mostly focuses on women I see a room for a better-tailored solution.

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    I like the idea and I have thought about something similar for vitamins. Any thoughts on how you would store and ship these goods? Are you thinking a DTC business where you manufacture everything or source goods and use a dropshipping model?

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      Hey Chris, thanks for the response!

      In the long run, I'd like to manufacture the supplies under my own brand name, but I thought it would be better to use wholesalers for better efficiency and their already-established brands.

      In the beginning, I could handle it on my own given the fact that subscription would be shipped on a certain date. Of course, everything depends on the volume.

      Believe me or not, but I have also thought about vitamins/supplements subscription pack but then I'm not fully subscribed to this idea in general, thus I dropped it.

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      ...vitamins that can be delivered straight to my mouth because I keep forgetting to take them 🙃

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