Can the product blog include off-topic posts?

Hi, everybody!

Last year I wrote an article about database design best practices on my products site blog. It was quite successful so I want to write more articles, but doubting whether a product about CMDB and IT Asset Management can have articles about software development and databases on its blog.

Do you think it's ok?
Thanks in advance!

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    What's your purpose?

    As a random person on the internet I don't care where I get what I'm looking for. You can write about python and when I search for it I may land on your site, it may help you on google ladder but the chances are quite low to convert me into a customer.

    On the other side if I were interested in your product, I wouldn't care if you wrote about python in the blog.

    What I'd do if I were you, build my own personal site/brand put a link to the product page and write whatever I want.

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      write whatever i want.


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      Thanks for the advice!
      I understand that creating a personal blog site will have a long-term effect on my future startups too and some of its visitors may click to view the product.
      But how do I drive direct traffic to the product then?

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        You can put "sponsored links" for your product page. Have a separate page for the products. Use the product link as an author signature on blog posts.

        Imagine an author, they tend to have a separate site for their books and their personal blogs. If I lend on one I usually check the other but that doesn't necessarily mean I'll buy their books.

        Don't overthink, if you have something to write. That's great. Just write it down to the product's blog, drive traffic directly to there. Did you ever give up on buying something just because they have a lot in their blog page? Just consider that'll be a loose funnel

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          Thanks again for the helpful advice!

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