Can we help you launch a SaaS project in one day?

A couple of months ago our entire team went all in for Launch Day. I shared some of our progress here on IH:

Launch Day has the same spirit as a Hack Day. It's a day to focus purely on launching your product, finding an audience and gathering feedback.

We did this to get closer to the people who use our product and see what it feels like. Two of them are still live: Can I Zoom, and ScreenShow.

We want to roll out Launch Day beyond our digital-office and get more IH's involved to start, grow and get their projects out into the world.

Would anyone be up for committing a single day to see how far you can get with a new SaaS project?

The plan is:

  • 9:10am - Your project name and one sentence description needs to be posted in the Launch Day slack channel
  • 9:30am - Launch Day Kick Off
  • 2pm - You need to have a sharable website
  • 4pm - You need to have shared your website publicly with potential users and have gathered some feedback
  • 5.30pm - Share what you have accomplished to the community and what you have learnt from the experience

It can be a side project you've been working on for a while, or something brand new.

You bring your idea. We'll provide the schedule, 1-1 advice, best practices, and the tools to get your SaaS business running in a single day.

Who's in?

Leave us a comment or let us know you're interested here.

  1. 3

    This is an awesome idea. Would totally be interested

    1. 1

      amazing! Added you to my list

  2. 2

    Interested. Can a services-based business be included as well?

    1. 1

      Hi Michael,
      Yes it can!

  3. 2

    As someone who took part in the first Launch Day, I am 100% up for this again. It was SO much fun. It's amazing what can be accomplished in <24 hours.

    1. 2

      thanks James! You can def do it twice 🌱

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