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Can you ever be too old to be an indie hacker?

Just about to enter our 5th decade and just getting started with our latest indie project.

Super excited and motivated and feel like this is a perfect time for us now as children are grown up and gone, we have less financial stress now than ever before and have some experience behind us ( well, quite a bit! ).

So this got us thinking and wondering what is the age range of hackers here and when they first started their own projects.

At what age did you start your latest indie project?
  1. Under 20
  2. In your 20's
  3. In your 30's
  4. In your 40's
  5. In your 50's
  6. 60+
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    Interesting... there may be some selection bias here (us oldies are more likely to click on your "Can you ever be too old..." link), but it's good to see a few of us are in our 50's!

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