Can you give me feedback on my splash page?

Hey Hackers,

I just created a splash page to gauge interest in a travel discount membership product. Would you mind taking a look and providing feedback?


You can provide feedback either on the website itself (there's a form at the bottom to submit feedback) or as a comment. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi, This is what I will do:

    1. I will replace form with a CTA pop-up button
      (Get Started button) which will show pop-up form when clicked.

    2. Little smaller icons with better design.

    3. Test multiple font sizes to see which looks better on Mobile and Desktop mode.

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    I echo what @subhan says, It is hard for me to know what it does without scrolling down. I would put the explanation higher up.

    Also I feel like that is too much info to enter. I am too lazy , I usually just want to enter one field. See if you can limit it to just email or even better google or fb or LI login.

    hope that helps

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      Great feedback thank you

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    Hi Bobby,

    Here's my first thought- The page is not clear on what it does, what value it provides and the CTA is well below the fold.

    The heading- Corporate travel without travel corporate is Travel rates, Im not I was able to connect it in the first place.

    The icons in black are too large and are taking my complete attention followed by another unexpectedly large font that is making it irritating for me to navigate.

    I would make the page more meaningful bu clearly defining what the page is about and having the CTA well above the fold gives user clear idea on what is expected.

    The knowledge below can stay with another call to action button below.

    Hope it helps.


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      Amazing thank you Subhan!

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    Hi Boby, I share with you my impressions:

    1. Design: maybe it's missing some colors (traveling is fun), and horizontal margin (see IH ~700px content).
    2. The form could be turned into a simpler CTA and the extra info handled through a modal or at subsequent interactions (think of an onboarding email sequence).
    3. I like the "how it works" section, simple and with icons.
    4. Good for you on being explicit on your value proposition (negotiating).
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      Awesome thank you Santiago

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    Two quick things; I have a quite wide screen which causes your page to be very hard to read (basically have to move my head to do it ^^), consider setting a max width on page. In addition, I would reduce the amount of fields the user needs to enter in the form. At this stage I would only ask for the email (maybe the name) and then send them an optional survey to fill out in the welcome email. Then you have the option to learn more about the user. Hope it helps and good luck :)

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      I didn't realize how wide it was, thanks for that feedback

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