Can you give me some feedback?

Hey there, I'm totally new to web design and by no means good at creating designs.

I'm trying to create a design for a blog, but nothing is solid yet, and I can't seem to find something that I like.

My design skills are not that great, can you give me any feedback on this design? Do you like it? Do you not? Anything you want to add?

Thank you

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    Hi, try to avoid stock graphics and images. These rockets were used countless times on other websites already. It makes your design look just like another similar product. Why not use a real photo instead of a vector? Maybe buy a photo of an astronaut?

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      Thanks for pointing out this issue! I'm gonna have to look into this as I can't spend much right now on this, but I'm gonna try finding a better option, Thanks again!

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    Hi ! I personally like it. It has some night/sleeping/dreamy vibes.

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    Im not a designer but I could give some guidelines that I received from my designer friends :)

    • Learn about colors, different colors have different meanings, vibes, emotions etc. Search color theory and you will be amazed what colors can do.

    • White space balance and typography alone can improve a design a lot.

    • Learn user scan patters such as F, H etc.

    • UX design principles / Theories such as color theory, theory of visual hirarchy, 80/20 rule etc.

    • Cyber-duck ux companion is the best app I have ever came across to learn UX. And its free https://www.uxcompanion.com/

    • Learn Analysing techniques to learn about your audience.

    • Design trends.

    Good luck 😉 😊

    PS. Some useful learning resources

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      Whoah, thats a lot of stuff to research, I love it! Thanks for taking the time to reference these sources!! ♥️

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    Work on your design skills until you're happy with them, then keep working on them some more.
    I see too many designers that simply copy others and think it's great design...

    That said, I think you're off to a good start.

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    Damn I like it 😊 Reminds me of that KDE's Plasma theme called Breeze 👉 https://store.kde.org/p/1285233/


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      Oh that's interesting, thanks for your feedback!

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    Hi there!

    My 2 cents:

    1. Please, do not use these flat 2d vector images. I believe they make part of some free unity assets as I used to play around with unity a lot, and I immediately recognized them.

    2. As it has been already mentioned, search bar and action button "Subscribe for updates" are inconsistent. Considering that your Hero Section doesn't have many elements on it, your existing elements have to be consistent:

    Add a bit of a radius to the search bar. Try 5px first. There have been much UX/UI research that proved that rounded borders are more eye-pleasing to the majority of readers.

    1. Put the logo outside the Name. At first glance it appears as "Space Nobula". I know it has to be "Nebula" -- an interstellar cloud of dust. Had to process the name a bit, before I got it correctly.

    2. Also, I believe, that this type of logo could look much better if designed in flat style.

    To check whether you like it:

    It will generate suggestions. You can later click on them and play around with logo positioning, fonts, colors and so on.

    It will also have a list of design suggestions (a card, a website, a t-shirt, a mobile app).

    1. I see that you shaded the main text and added white background to the search bar.

    It's a good practice to shade the background image (applying a more or less transparent black/grey image on top of it) rather than trying to shade the text or input fields to make them stand out on a bright background.

    In this case you could make the input field (search bar) more vivid without unnecessary borders.

    1. You might want to use a more space-themed font like Zen Dots (https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Zen+Dots?preview.text=Space Nebula&preview.text_type=custom#standard-styles)

    or space-themed fonts from here: https://www.fontspace.com/category/space

    Anyway, congratulations on diving into blogging!

    I know it might be frustrating to design your own blog, when there are so many blogging platforms with ready-made templates.

    But if this is what you wanna do, just make sure you follow some basic design principles. Do not rush. Do not dive into complex matters.

    Iterate and you will find what suits you.

    Best of luck!

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      Hey there!

      WOW, that's a really detailed list of notes, which is exactly what I needed! Thank you for taking the time to write this detailed response.

      I want to ask about something though, You mentioned its better to not use free unity/stock images, what would be a good replacement? Is there any free/cheep alternative for that?

      Also, about the Logo, I actually went back and forth with many versions of it. Since I'm very new to this, I wasn't sure what would be the best approach to making it. And the first version version of the logo was like this:

      Old Logo

      It didn't look right to me so I tried tweeking it, anyhow I'm looking into the link you sent me its really cool

      Thank you so much for the help!!!

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        Honestly, it depends on what audience you're targeting and what type of content you will put out.

        If it is aimed at children, unity assets might work. If it is a more formal blog, try staying away from 2d mobile assets.

        I'd suggest looking into logos that are more formal like the ones that are on that link that I gave you. People are used to them.

        You can find many similar logos (icons) on iconfinder.com that are free and come in SVG format that are suitable for responsive design (resizing without losing quality).

        About the first version of your logo:

        You logo is not just a flat one. It has many visual (color) elements. Flat icons, usually, use up to 3 colours without many visual elements.

        For example, the majority of flat icons that are suggested on that link that I provided do not have many dots, spirals, twists, circles that comprise the logo.

        Also, you might want to tweak the size of your icon. It is much bigger than the text.

        Try tweaking a few fonts, sizes and you might find a better fit.

        Take care!

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          Thank you so much for all this help, This definitely guided me in the right direction, I really appreciate it. Thanks again!

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    Hey! I'm primarily a developer and not a designer, but I think you can get on the right track by looking up ideas on Dribbble as well as blogs/sites of a similar niche. Keep up the good work!

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      Thanks for the reference! I've been trying to look up designs for other blogs to get ideas, this will help a lot!

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    I like it. if anything I think the color contrast between the brand and the background could use some work.

    Also the label has a shade which doesn't seem to fit with the rest. For instance the "Subscribe for updates" is flat and round, but the "Bringing.." is not.

    But in general I think it's good as it is.

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      Thanks for the feedback! Definitely going to work on that, Thanks again!

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        No problem.

        Also remember to avoid being perfect, I'm sure there are a lot of other things you have to work on. I'll leave this just as it is (which is pretty good) and then come back to it later if is needed.

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          Right! Thanks for pointing that out. I definitely struggle with that a lot. But I'm trying to keep some balance between low effort and overly high effort.

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    WOW, Thank you all for the feedback and advice! You are all amazing, I didn't expect to get this much help. I'll be posting an update post for the design soon. Thank you all again!!! ♥️

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