Landing Page Feedback February 22, 2020

Can you guess what our product does, in 3 seconds?

Maciej Łaszcz @nikersify


It's general knowledge that potential customers look at product landing pages for very short amounts of time before losing interest - I'm really curious how the landing for our product is going to do at such a test.

All I need you to do is go to our landing page, look at it for (literally) 3 seconds and reply with a sentence or two with what you think the product does.

Can you help me please? I would be very grateful for any responses to this post and will probably do a little write-up of the things we've learned if it gets enough replies.


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    "Capture complaints" catches my eyes so I guess, in 3s and without reading anything else, that it's an easy way to add a contact form to a website.

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    Think you need to demonstrate more value and social proof.

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    I don't understand where the button would appear in my app.

    In the "This is what your users will see..." area, I guess you mean we can attach it to any button? Or do we need to add that button somewhere?

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    Hi Maciej,
    I understand it as a ticketing system (I use Gitlab and previously Fogbugz).
    Grip less is a very interesting name. It caught my attention.
    The “Grow your SaaS with complaints” is a very interesting approach.
    (It feels like the same approach as the website in UK. )
    In order to be even more efficient I wonder if the “How it works” shouldn’t be promoted higher.
    It’s self explanatory.

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    My 3 sec assessment: something about building a better product with complaints. There was a screenshot of something, but I couldn't process it quickly. Best guess is users can easily "complain" (i.e. give feedback) about a product/service/thing so that the owner can make it a better product/service/thing.

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    "Customer success/ service" portal?

    It seems like a promising tool, what's your game plan to acquire more users?

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    yes, the message is clear and I like the open source free tier :)

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    Hey Maciej, Product / Visual Designer here. I think it’s pretty clear what it represents. I think there’s maybe something more you could do with your hero image and maybe have it animated, show the user flow maybe? Sites like memberstack visualise their products workflow in a nice way also. I think building more on top of your brand and including some style and flair would help strengthen your landing page too. Always open for feedback if you ever want to send anything my way [email protected]

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    Some sort of pop up feedback window that captures user feedback at a certain point in my app.

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    Widget to provide feedback

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    The primary message is conveyed but wording ‘above the fold’ could be clearer. Toward the bottom of the page you nicely summarize ‘Keep track of user complaints and start building a better product’ and may want to consider that as your tag line.

    Also, capturing complaints is not the primary benefit to the customer but gaining actionable insight is. Ultimately you are selling a more efficient feedback loop to correct flaws in a product or service so you should focus on how your tool makes that process better. A tracker has less value than software with intelligence.

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    Very clear, yes. You make it easy for users to complain - and make them feel welcome to do so.

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    The first time I read it (first 3 seconds) I thought it said “ see what’s annoying about your project”... likely because of the “create project” button below. It made me think it was a tool to get complaints from coworkers or maybe IndieHackers about what you were working on.

    Then I read on and it became very clear what the product did.

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    Within 3 seconds (literally), I understood that you offer your customers to get straightforward and quick feedback from their users to understand their pain when using their product!

    Also I liked the clear and simple design :)

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    Great landing page. I could understand it in seconds.

    I wonder if replacing the screenshot with a widget that lets you toggle between "What you see:" and "What your user sees:" screenshots would be beneficial.

    Also the "2 lines of code" line resonated with me more than "start using it in minutes", but that could just be me.

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    After 3 seconds, what I had mind by reading the h1 only is a feedback kind of service I can implement in my site in order to see what's bothering my users.

    I love the indication how much time every step takes in the onvoarding process!

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    Hi @nikersify,

    You have a nice, clean UI, well-formatted sections with an image for each.

    I understand what you are offering, I would give your product a try.

    All the best.

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    It's an intercom style feedback service that allows users to quickly log little niggles that they otherwise would not feed back formally?

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    "Start using it in in minutes."

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      Yikes, thank you

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    The name in the link was a bit confusing but the copy on the landing page sorted what you were about very quickly. I was able to decide whether it was for me and even who I knew who could try the product 👍

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    Maybe not 3, but I got it pretty quickly! A couple of points:

    • Get rid of the typo in "Start using it //in in minutes."
    • Move the 1,2,3 enumeration down to the <h2> or get rid of it completely. It doesn't work above the images.
    • Commercial use pricing bites a little, but maybe it's right. Don't know, pricing is hard.

    Otherwise, it's pretty damn close to perfect, great job! :)