Can you make a post like "How to make a clone profile of a Behance profile"?

I have a website builder and one of the ways you can use it is to create a website like looks like a Behance profile clone or a Linketree page clone.

If I create a blog post and share it with a title like "How to make a portfolio website clone like Behance on your own domain" and it's a post about how you use my app to make a website that looks like Behance, is that going to be ok?

Legally speaking, what are the consequences, and is this a common practice?

  1. 1

    I don't see the harm in it. The worst they could do is send you a Cease and Desist, right?

  2. 1

    i mean, it might attract attention that you might not want, but, go for it and see. everyone gets their first "cnd".... lol.

    1. 2

      I think I won't use their brand name but ill use something like a term that is relevant to both of us.

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