February 14, 2020

Can you please give me some content marketing ideas? ⚡️

Farid Movsumov 🇦🇿 @faridmovsumov

I just created a simple Wordpress blog ( blog.botmake.io ) for my project and now thinking about what type of content I can write to increase the SEO power and get more visitors to my website? What should be my main focus? Case studies, tutorials about the product...

Can you please give me some examples that were successful for your projects?

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    What's successful for one project isn't always successful for another.

    Who's your customer? What do you think they'd like to read?

    If you have customers, why not just ask them what sort of content they'd like to see?

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      I agree with you, still not clear for me who is my audience.

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    Hi! Just passed through your video explanation “hot it works” and really see your problem. You explained how to create your bot but you forgot the most important part- who is this for? What is your audience? What is the value of using it? Get the answers for all three questions and you will see what to do.

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      Thanks, I see your point. Will try to define my audience better.

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    Go to your favourite forum, look for questions, and answer them in the form of a blog post. As a meta example, here is my article about how to get content marketing ideas: https://syften.com/blog/post/content-creation/

    PS, before you actually write anything, consider hosting your blog as botmake.io/blog instead of blog.botmake.io. There seems to be a little holy war about this topic, but nobody ever claims the latter gets more traffic, while plenty of people claim that for the former.

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      I read your post, really helpful thanks. blog.botmake.io seems more clean to me but I got your point.

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    Hey Farid! This is exactly what we do for businesses at my company Everscript. Can you shoot me an email at [email protected] and I can send you some blog topics this weekend or early next week that will help your sites SEO.

    We can also write them for you and publish them to your WordPress blog/social media channels if your budget allows.

    Either way, I'd be happy to send over a couple of topics for you to get the ball rolling.

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