Can you reach out to 2,000 sponsors?

Can you reach out to 2,000 sponsors? First I find it might take a long time to find them and 2nd it might actually be hard to do outreach. I know because I ran a newsletter that sold ads and had to do the outreach.

Well this year I acquired a CRM, in fact the CRM I used for my newsletter. And I wanted to make a deal just for newsletter writers.

So I partnered with Sponsor Gap this week to offer 55% off a year of each of Sponsor Gap and Pigeon. https://gum.co/PigeonSponsorGap

✅Access 2,000 sponsors
✅Put them into Pigeon and lock down your sponsorship process.

And I'm throwing in a 1:1 workshop call to help you set up your crm and mail merges as best we can. Tobi of Sponsor Gap is also offering buyers of this deal a call to find the perfect fit sponsors.

Go ahead ask me anything. I'm open to sharing my tactics, my strategies and nearly anything about running sponsorships in a newsletter. I hope it would help anyone here, any indiehacker, to gain an audience, build a community and share their knowledge, their experience, their work, their POV, their unique taste.

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    I'm new to the newsletter and I am looking for subscribers. What can you advise to get a lot of subscribers? any tool or what should be done?

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      Early on there is a huge blue ocean. Here's a few alt things I'd do an I have done.

      Email friends and colleagues. Literally everyone you can. Say in the simplest terms what you're doing. If you're so new that you have 0 editions, then create one and send it to them. They are people you know, you respect. If you can't send it to hundreds or thousands.. I'd send it to 20. I did this the day I started my newsletter and my Best friend who happens to work in the same industry signed up in 30 minutes. I made a pact to send the first edition even if there was only 1 subscriber.

      But you might be past "early phase" as I see you run. Saas Journal. The absolute best thing I ever did was create a list of actually influential people in my industry. called it Influence100. you can make SaaS100: The 100 Most Influential People in SaaS. and then define for yourself what Influential means.

      I wrote 3 short paragraphs to start the list and defined exactly what Influential means to me. And stuck to it. That list alone when promoted on linkedin net me 250 subscribes in a week when I had 250 subscribers. And then the next year I gained 700 subscribers when I did it again. new year new list :)

      Early on I can't stress this enough, you're pushing and prodding and trying to get in front of as many people as you can. But consider that you really really really want people who are intending to subscribe. I know this is going to sound corny and simple but it works. Look for ways specifically to get in front of people with "purchase intent" of a newsletter. Create a competition list. I listed 50 resources to find Influencer Marketing information and then published it and at the end "instead of going to all these places every week, subscribe to this newsletter" those 50 resources are some simple ones like reddit, facebook, twitter, linkedin, and competitive newsletters, and blogs, and sites.

      Hope that helps.

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