Productivity August 24, 2020

Can you recommend simple but effective bookmarks organizer for Chrome?


Hello everybody,
I'm trying to organize my bookmarks and looking for a good manager. All I saw is real crap, even paid.

What I'm looking for:

  • simple tree ogranizer
  • each link should be accompanied with preview.

Do you know anything, I would prefer free?

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    I use VBookmarks. It is popup based which I can trigger with shortcut without leaving current page. And it also has instant search function. Feels very snappy!

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      Thanks, I will check it!

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    I would just use OrgPad to split links according to topics. The advantage is that you can complement these by your own notes on the side, attach files, and much more. We are using OrgPad for almost everything :).

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      Hm interesting, I have to look at it. Thanks!

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    Why not just use the bookmark manager in Chrome or Firefox? Also be careful to not overload yourself with bookmarks of things you will never read or need.

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      I'm already using Chrome manager and it's a total mess. The search is poor, without previews I can't find anything and it just became useless.

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    I use, it has Chrome extension you can use. Old school, but just works, for me.

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      Thanks, I will look at it!

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