Canadian IHers, How did you register your company?

I am looking to register my company in Ontario Canada. I am having trouble registering it online.

How did you register your company? Do you go through an accountant or applied through online?

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    I registered my last for-profit company federally, quite some years ago. It was dead simple, cost around $300 at the time.

    However I've run into a few minor snags since (ie, you can't open a business account at a credit union because you have to be registered in the same province as the credit union). I've since registered a couple of non-profits in the last few years, this time provincially in BC, and it was dead simple again.

    I would encourage you to save money and do it yourself. There are free resources to help you get it registered. I think ServiceOntario is just $60. What kind of trouble are you having?

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      Thanks a lot @antarctican I was confused with registering federally. Service Ontario site was pretty good to process. Thanks.

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    Hi Prakash - if you're still looking for ways to incorporate, I just used ownr.co which is available in Ontario for sole proprietor, provincial and federal incorporation. And, it's all done online. It's more expensive but they handle all the heavy lifting. Food for thought if you're still searching. All the best to you!

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      Thanks I will check it out.

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        No problem. Send me a DM if you want a small discount. They give me referral codes. Might save $50? Heads up, you can get some money back if you open a business account with RBC.

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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      Thanks @taimoorapps . I will check it out.

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