April 30, 2019

Cancelling my SuperHuman sub

Mick @Primer

Just thought I'd share my 4 months with the email client "SuperHuman" as I know there's a lot of interest in it in here.

In short... it's a great email client, albeit quite different in how you use it. However it's not in a million years worth $30 per month.

I'm (happily) switching back to Spark.

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    What about DarwinMail.app?

    We only cost $3 / month - and boast much of the same functionality as Google Inbox did - such as bundles, snoozing, reminders, undo send, templates etc.

    Full disclosure, I created DarwinMail.app

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    Fair points, I'll use @webapppro's bullets:

    How was SuperHuman different?

    • It's extremely focussed on keyboard shortcuts. If you take the time to force yourself to retrain your behaviour you'll get through emails faster for sure.
    • other than that it's not that different.

    What did you like about it?

    • initially I liked the novelty of it
    • I also liked the keyboard shortcuts. they are pretty cool admittedly

    Did it save you time?

    • I just dunno... it feels like it could be quicker but it's probably a handful of seconds over the course of an email session.

    What's the hype about it and did it live up to that hype?

    • I think the hype is related to the fact that it's hard to get an invite and the marketing about how they are changing email.

    Is there a type of user/use case who would find the pricing compelling value.

    • if i was rich i'd probably keep this. it's decent. but for me $30 is too much to save seconds of time each day. So i guess someone with a lot more disposable income than me, or someone who has a company to pay for it would use this.
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    Hey guys, I've been using SuperHuman for 2 months. I'll give my take for those that are asking.

    1. How is SuperHuman different?

    • First off, they're strict with keyboard shortcuts. This is how they are able to create more efficiency with email. I can fly through 100 emails in no time without touching my mouse. Unread, archive, starring, labeling, etc. On top of that, their ability to "split" your inbox is unique to Super Human.

    • Additionally, their onboarding was pretty intimate. I had to schedule a 1-1 and go through screensharing. They had a series of live tasks using the keyboard shortcuts like composing an email, creating labels, archiving, etc. If I used my mouse, they'd actually make me start over until I got the shortcuts.

    1. What do I like about it?

    • One of my favorites is the contextual use of the calendar. As I'm writing "are you free on Thursday..." the side pane pops-up and shows my calendar for the day. If I keep typing "...or next Monday" the calendar shifts. It's pretty slick.

    • The UI is super clean and makes me feel focused on the task at end.

    • The snooze feature is neat on your phone. You can actually snooze something to only show on your desktop. So the email is cleared on your phone and only shows on your desktop app. I love that for the emails I know I'll never respond to on my phone. Clears up a lot of clutter.

    • Oh, and it works offline.

    1. Did it save me time?

    Hell yes.

    1. What's the hype?

    It could be the fact that you still have to get an invite. I genuinely think it's just a fresh take on email. I really feel like it's different and there's a lot of subtle things that leave you feeling productive and focused. Also if I have any questions, they respond within minutes.

    1. Is there a use case to find the pricing of value?

    My favorite use cases are the shortcuts, slick and quick search (i can find everything), the contextual calendar features, email tracking (did recipient read it?)

    Anyway, I've really enjoyed. It only works with Gmail accounts. I manage 3 emails through it (there's no unified inbox btw).

    If anyone wants an invite, let me know and I can send you one. ;)

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      Great feedback to hear! Would love an invite, with Inbox from Google now gone, I'm stuck in Gmail purgatory.

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        Haha yes, I was there too. Shoot me your email and I'll send you an invite. jr[at]weav[dot]com

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      Please send invite gator8899 @ yahoo .com

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    Have you sent an email to the folks at Superhuman?

    We all talk about getting user feedback and such, but it's on us to return the favor too.

    I've never used it myself, could you elaborate on the reasons? I've been debating whether or not to give it a solid try.

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      Yes I had a good back and forth with them as part of the cancellation process. Gave them lots of feedback and they gratefully received it.

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    Very interesting information. Thanks. I haven't tried SuperHuman, and I have no financial interest in email clients.

    Here's my question: Given that you work in email every day, it seems like a pretty essential app. Is it just this app that isn't worth $1 per day, or are you saying there is no way you would ever pay that for ANY app you use every day?

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      I happen to pay a lot more than that for certain apps and services, so yes. If I thought it was worth it I would happily pay it.

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    I been begging their social media channels for an invite and you're unsubbing from them. Well isn't our universe just so frigging great! hahhahahahahh

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    This comment was deleted 9 months ago.

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      Hi mate, SongBox is doing annoyingly well. I say that because I can't focus any time on it just now because I have another startup that has received significant investment so I need to be full time on that.

      SongBox, despite me leaving it untouched since... maybe November (I haven't even logged in) is getting 5 - 10 signups daily and yes - it's covering its server bills lol.

      btw I know that I'm getting signups and that the app is being used because I built myself an iOS app that sends me a push notification whenever someone signs up, or whenever a songbox gets activity. It pings me dozens of times daily.

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      I agree; without further explanation, sounds like a personal problem / preference.

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        Isn't everything subjective though? I pay a lot for other services that other people would think weren't worth it.