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Can't decide what to build next?Here's the curated dataset of 250K+ Saas & Apps to get you inspired [inside: Launch -Discount]

Hello IH!

🥳EUREKEA IS LIVE NOW: www.eurekea.org

After 150+ early registrations & encouraging feedbacks on our prelaunch last week, we knew that we are doing something which people really want. So we worked at Lightspeed & here's our full-fledged launch (2 weeks earlier than planned⚡⚡)


Eurekea === IKEA for your Eureka moments

If you're unable to find an idea for your next hustle, no worries!
We are offering a huge dataset of 250K+ Saas, apps & side-projects launched on Google Play Store & ProductHunt over the last decade. Every item has insightful 27 data-points.

"Dive into our data-tub & come out buoying with your Eureka Moment!"


Finding ideas to work on, especially during quarantine can be tricky. Here are a few examples of how you can use our dataset:

  • Filter out products with validated demand & poor rating in your niche.This means there's an opportunity to do things "your own way" to solve what the existing products are failing at.
  • Bring successful products to your own domain/region/language.
  • Run analyses to understand current trends, what makes some products/makers more successful etc along with various sentimental & textual analyses.

For more info & use-cases check out: www.eurekea.org



We were elated to see the whopping response of you IndieHackers in our prelaunch. And as a token of thanks, we are offering a FLAT 10% OFF for the first 200 customers.Checkout more details on the site!

Visit www.eurekea.org & get your Eureka moment Now!

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    Hey, @Parivraajak.

    Cool product! How did you validate the demand for Eureka without the help of Eureka? 😆

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