Case study: how we redesigned our product page and increased conversion rates

As we are a business selling digital products - namely Bootstrap Themes - it is mandatory for us to have a well structured product page.

We decided to radically change the layout as we felt it was way too clustered and there was too much information that we served to the visitor right away.


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    This is a comprehensive write. Thanks for sharing!

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    Very cool. The insight I am taking is the new page gave more info to the user but still presented the most valuable things to them, what the theme is, how much it will cost e.t.c very easily accessible. Then they could browse the tabs to get even more info whether the theme is worth it and reduce doubt in their heads.

    Thanks for sharing (No idea how to pronounce the name).

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      We tried to present the minimum viable information. If they want to browse through the pages, reviews, FAQ etc they can just navigate through the tabs. Thanks for your input :)

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    Do you have a screenshot of how it looked like before?

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      There's a slider of old vs new image in the article :)

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