March 24, 2019

Catalyst consultant platform?

Molly Carroll @mollycg

I'm very much into the "why" of building something before anything else -- part of me would prefer to build it first, worry about monetization later, which may be perilous if I want to one day quit my day job. Has this worked for people, though?

That being said, my idea is an online community of (verified for expertise) consultants who are specifically committed to fundamental change for "how it's done" which is signified by their being part of this community. (Could be a certification of sorts that is relayed to the consultant's client)

There would be different areas of expertise and a consultant would belong to a specific one. Within their subject area on the platform they could discuss use cases, successes/failures, etc. and learn from one another.

I'd start with very few areas of expertise to focus on, and perhaps expand once those are proven viable. So basically, build the community and see if it floats.