Celebrating 6 Short and Amazing Weeks! ($0 to $177 in MRR)!

TL;DR: We pivoted, started from complete scratch, launched our MVP, made over $2,000 in transactional revenue and $177 in MRR!

And Indie Hackers has been a really important part of our process and our success! I'm so grateful for this platform and for folks like Rosie who are keeping things on-lock around here (and unlocking new users from our bootcamp who can't seem to post!)


I walk through this on my vlog:

Six Amazing Weeks

Longer-version-ish History of Events:

In the last ~6 weeks we've gone from effectively nothing to putting both a product (a small mvp) and revenue on the boards! Here's a quick timeline of events:

  • Started putting things back together on Feb 1st after a major pivot late-last year. I spent 30 days interviewing in December of 2019, hoping to find one person to join my team. Whew. Found him.
  • New employee, new team (me + willie + part-time contractor friend)... no product, no code, no nothing except an old landing page. Square one!
  • In 2 weeks we launched a small, 5-day community building bootcamp. We're using notion as a "landing page" (super hackey but very cost-effective)! We built it from scratch and I wrote most of it in a single sitting (I share a broader breakdown of what/why here and here).
  • We launched our first "cohort" on Feb 24th. We had 5 folks sign up who each paid $299.00 for a seat. We made a total of $1,495.00! Fantastic. We're on the board!
  • 5 Days later, they graduated on Feb 29th. They have a new set of lifelong skills and behaviors / habits that should last them for the rest of their life. I'm so proud of them (you can see who they are near the bottom of this page.
  • 3 of them decided to stick around and use our new platform on a subscription basis: $59.00 per month (we now have $177.00 in MRR)!
  • We took a "week off" to recalibrate, build some product based on the first cohort's feedback, and then launched a second #yenBETA cohort on March 9th (we're literally half-way through the program right now)!
  • 2 brave folks signed up, netting us another $598.00 in transactional revenue.



So... RECAP!

In 6 very short weeks, we went from ZERO ($0.00) to $2,093.00 in tx rev and $177 in mrr!


I've blown away by my small, agile team and how much work (and heart!) we've put into the last 6 or 7 weeks. It's been unreal.

How did we do this? Well, we simply shared our progress here on Indie Hackers, youtube (a daily vlog of building this startup), and on twitter.

I've been using Product Hunt SHIP too, but, I honestly like IH so much better, so, I'll be spending more time here than there (and I'll be needing my money back... it's kind of expensive)!

Let me know if you have any questions! I'd love to help! My email is right here!

  1. 2

    That's an amazing accomplishment! Love how the entire community is super transparent and supportive. Way to go, John!

    1. 1

      yeah man! i love how we can share the journey together. competition is a mindset.

  2. 2

    Awesome sauce John. This is amazing considering where you were 2 months ago.

    When thinking about growth (more customers) it seems organic right now - do you see that changing in the next 6 months?

    1. 1

      i doubt that i'll be doing much outside of organic at this point in time.

      for starters, i've never been a fan of spending any money on advertising... i've done it once to great effect, but, i don't trust it and it's not sustainable.

      and, at this early-stage, i don't want a lot of customers. i'm hand-selecting them! so, scale isn't the goal.

  3. 2

    Awesome to see progress!

    What comes next?

    More cohorts? Along side the tool you are building?

    1. 2

      i think we're going to do a few more cohorts... and then take a step back, reflect on our progress, and see where we go next.

      my goal isn't to scale. in fact, it's the exact opposite! most folks immediately want to add more folks to the pot... i want to limit it.

      great question!

      i plan on providing updates like this weekly. i can't wait. i fucking love IH!

  4. 2

    Super cool! Congrats . Excited to watch your journey and learn from you

    1. 2

      i'm so grateful for you to be part of our second cohort! i'm watching you closely as you build your new community and project! happy to be part of your journey (just a small part)!

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