Challenge: What Would YOU Do In This Situation?

Like a lightning bolt straight outta comp...mount olympus, it suddenly hits you on a cloudy winter night(not really, you actually brainstormed yourself to oblivion to come up with this, but that's a shitty story, so) - that one idea that will change everything. This product will be revolutionary. Everyone and their mama would throw their hard-earned money at you for this amazing invention. They're all going to say to themselves "How did I not think about this !?"

You just can't keep it in your pants so you tell those 5 people in your life that you trust won't steal your idea and run off with the money and your girlfriend. You never trusted that girl... They're all going batshit about it, and you keep thinking "damn, I'd buy it myself !!"

You create a Prototype successfully. You do the math. You come up with a viral marketing plan, because hey - it's practically selling itself by just existing, right?
Right !? Anyway, you have everything planned out. You're going to be famous and buy that purple lambo and do crack cocain off of a cheerleader's forehead this time next year in Barcelona. Only thing is, you have no money. Zero, nada, no tengo... Literally, you've slept on your friends couch this entire year and you have the spine to prove it.

You say, "I'm going to find an investor". 5 Minutes later you decide no one should have 50% of the profits of your Billion dollar idea. All you need is 15-20K to bootstrap this into existence and reinvest the profits until you're a gazillionair. No investors.

So you say, "I'm going to launch a Kickstarter Campaign, that way I'll get free viral advertising AND millions of dollars within 40 days, even BEFORE I produce a single unit". You can already see that TechCrunch Headline you didn't pay for: "This guy is swimming in money because he's so smart and you're not". Everybody's going to hate me, finally. Genius marketing plan. But then you remember that in China there are no rules and that chinese manufacturers lurk Kickstarter to steal product ideas and they'll sell your shit globally through aliexpress before you even make that first shipment. Everybody's going to say you copied the original chinese mastermind behind this.

No investors, no crowd funding, no money. What do YOU do ?

PS: In the next episode of the "Starving Entrepreneur" : Chinese Mastermind Gets Hit by Lightning Bolt and Steals Girlfriend from Local Couch Surfing Self Proclaimed Inventor".

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    I would launch a few micro startups to get it funded.

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    nice write up! this looks like an article?

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