Changed to Dark Theme

Just went through a whole re-branding of https://trideate.com and switch to a dark theme with some slight neon characteristics, and maintaining consistent colors throughout. Also added leaderboards sreiaght in the landing page. Would love everybody's feedback! Is the value proposition clear enough?

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    Hey I saw your landing page a few weeks ago when you posted here and it has come a long way. It is much clearer what the value prop is and the page looks great! Congrats!

    The only thing that is still confusing is who comes up with the problem statement? I assume the user comes up with the problem statement, but didn’t see anything that reinforced this assumption, or countered it

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      Thank you so much! Actually one of the biggest components of trideate is the provided problem statements. And in the future, expansion packs with more problems and prompts. Any recommendations on how I could communicate in an effective way the prompts are provided?

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        Ah I see. I think the best way of communicating that is going to be to state why playing the game is going to be a valuable use of time for entrepreneurs.

        Plus with this bit of context, I think part of the vision is a crowd sourcing solution development. If that’s the case, leading with that might be useful

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    I like the dark theme and the relationship between the colours in the logo and on the page.

    In the middle section, under "Learn the Roles", some extra horizontal whitespace between the icon and the text would make it look cleaner. Also, the top icon in this section (The Dreamer) is not horizontally aligned with the icons below it .. it's out by a few pixels.

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    Looking good! I like the contrast 😊

    Did you use any existing color scheme or?

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