Chart library in javascript?

Hi everybody:

Which javascript library would you choose to draw some bar, line and pie charts?

Plain javascript, no react, vue, angular....

Thank you,

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    Looked into this question recently and landed on chart.js https://www.chartjs.org/ as the best option for free, easy to use, and looking good

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      +1 I was recently looking for a chart library to use with VueJS and I landed on ChartJS. I have been extremely happy. It is incredibly powerful.

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      I've been using chartjs since 2013 for anything like this. Its really good.

      They still don't have trend lines though, which is a bummer.

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      +1 on this. I’ve looked into so many options and chartjs was the best. One key metric some people might forget about is how active development is.

      I was using recharts (react only) for some time, works great and looks beautiful, but unfortunately it’s no longer maintained. So many bugs and workarounds to get things working

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        Also +1 for chart.js. Probably the easiest to use, good documentation & community, best looking, customizable, etc etc

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      We're using apex charts for https://thatswhy.app. I must say I really like it but it also has a lot of bugs that just shouldn't be there. But of course I can't complain, it's open source!


      • Easy to use
      • Looks good
      • A lot of functionality out of the box
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    I have used Plotly for python. The javascript library is just as great. You may want to check it: https://plotly.com/javascript/

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      Second this Plotly and Dash by Plotly AMAZING!

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    I started using Nivo and it is really good. The website has some of the best example and docs I've seen.

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      I just saw this being used on the State of JS 2020. https://2020.stateofjs.com/en-US/technologies/javascript-flavors/
      Don't you have to use React with this?

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        That is great. I don't recall where I saw it, but my the ability to test and showcase different charts before building is fantastic.

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    I can highly recommend apache echarts


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    ChartJS will be fine for 99% of use cases. If you need something complex which falls into the next 1% use D3.js

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    I really like D3 and Vega https://vega.github.io/ but I think it would be overkill for basic charts.

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    Hi @HappyMoodScore I've used chart.js both in vanilla.js and framework wise like angular / react.

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    I just found one and felt in love with it. It plots “hand-drawn” styled charts <3


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    If you're looking for something fancy, SandDance could do the trick. https://github.com/microsoft/SandDance

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    I used c3 when I worked at Union Pacific on their Enterprise Monitoring System. It was a pretty good solution. - https://c3js.org/

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